TruGolf Mini

Mini Overview

  • Master Your Swing With an Inside-Out Approach

    Learn the game of golf and improve your swing with the TruGolf Mini golf simulator. This gyroscopic sensor  pairs with E6 Connect Software, and  data-driven insights after every shot. Now you can have access to in-depth visual feedback after every swing - guaranteed to unlock key swing insights, no matter your age or skill level. 

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  • Features of the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator

    Make your practice sessions fun, convenient, and fast with our at-home mini golf simulator. Our one-of-a-kind approach provides all the tools you need to dial-in your perfect swing.

    • TRUGOLF MINI SENSOR is a powerful tool that captures essential data in real-time to help golfers maximize their performance. 
    • IMPACT TRAINER is a revolutionary, weighted swing trainer designed to replicate the sensation of authentic club and ball impact with haptic feedback.
    • E6 CONNECT SOFTWARE allows you to utilize analytics to gain deeper insights, simulate real-life playing scenarios and practice on dozens of ranges.  
  • New ways to practice

    TheTruGolf Mini offers an innovative approach to learning the game. Paired with E6 Connect Software, this interactive swing studio analyzes and displays swing data after every shot, helping golfers of all skill levels understand fundamental mechanics like Swing Plane, Club Face Angle, and Tempo. Every shot is a lesson with the TruGolf Mini. 

    The TruGolf Mini makes it possible to learn the game quickly and continually improve. The sensor captures 4 Critical Swing Characteristics.


    These Swing Analytics are combined with E6 CONNECT’s ball flight algorithm to provide a complete picture of foundational golf mechanics. After each shot, a swing analysis screen will appear, color-coded based on your performance. Users can interact with their data and see a 3D recreation of their Swing Plane and a graph of their Swing Tempo.

  • The Industry Standard in Golf Simulation

    With E6 CONNECT, you can experience the thrill of teeing off at some of the most outstanding courses on the planet. Our mini golf simulator software gives every subscriber access to top-notch training aids in addition to multiple modes of play. Whether you're looking to improve your swing or experience world-class golf courses, E6 CONNECT has something for everyone.

  • Ready to Feel Like a Pro on the Green?

    The TruGolf Mini makes putting practice effortless. Play world-class mini golf at home in 3 simple steps.  

    1. Attach the MINI SENSOR device to the IMPACT TRAINER club. 
    2. Install the E6 CONNECT SOFTWARE
    3. Enjoy your game!
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee. System must be returned in original packaging and like-new condition.